Why did I start this blog? I have a bunch of different tumblrs. In my first post I mentioned that I’ve tried WordPress before but it never really panned out. So why did I decide to start a new blog?

The answer is simple. Because I want to share my life.

Tumblr is great and I will continue to spend hours of my life scrolling and reblogging.  But it’s not a very good platform for personal posts. I like to rant on tumblr but I feel like a formal blog will help me understand myself. Because I am constantly learning new things about myself.

Another reason I wanted to start this blog is because I tried to start up three different blogs in the past month. One for style, one for fitness, and one for organization. None of them really went anywhere. I feel like by combining them and making a plan to stick to it I will.

Wish me luck. Because here I go.




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