Graduation Announcements 

I originally thought I wasn’t going to walk for my graduation. I had already accepted this and was ready to go to my Best friend’s graduation and skip mine. Only to find out, our graduations are at the same time. Now, I have basically a week to get announcements out and buy my cap and gown and figure out what I’m wearing. This week has very suddenly become stressful.

The most important item on that list is invitations. It’s too late to order them through the school. I thought about doing a picture announcement through Walgreens, but since I’m sending these invitations to a lot of people who haven’t seen me with anything but brown hair, I decided against that. I was running out of time and ended up at walmart, trying to find something cheap that would work.   I finally decided to just make my own, since Walmart didn’t seem to sell announcements. I fell in love with the simple elegance of these gold chevron note cards and bought them for a whopping $7.99

I found some cute grad stickers and bought new black sharpies, since they always tend to disappear on me. Before I started to actually write in my cards I made a list of people I wanted to send invitations to. I set up a google doc to help organize everything. I put their addresses in it, so I didn’t have to look all over for each person’s address, and then I put columns titled “announcement” and “thanks” As I sealed each persons invitation I marked off the announcement column. If I receive gifts from anyone I’ll send them a thank you note and then check off that column.


Originally I decided I would use my black sharpie to decorate the front of the card.

  These turned out kind of cute, but after handwriting 20 invitations, and then hand addressing the envelopes, I decided against individually decorating the cards. I really love the color combo of these cards. My university’s colors are blue and green and I just didn’t see any that I liked in those colors. These looked so nice, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

I then sealed up the cards with the grad stickers I bought. The coolest thing about these stickers is that the blue in the stickers matched the blue of the envelope exactly. And while the stickers were to give to a person graduating, I was able to use most of the stickers and avoid putting a “You did it!” or “ConGRADulations” or “Good Luck” stickers on the envelopes. The stickers add a cute flair to it. I’m just really proud of how they turned out, even though I had to hand write them. 

Now I just have to drop them off at the post office in the morning. I’m also planning on buying my cap and gown tomorrow. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow, and an exam on Wednesday, and then I’ll officially be done. *screaming*




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