I’ve moved a total of five times in my life (well 7 if you count moving from one room to another and then back again. Which I will).

My first move was from a house in Georgia, to an above the garage one bedroom in Florida. I was seven at the time, so I didn’t have to do much.

My second move was from that tiny one bedroom to a three bedroom when I was in middle school. I like to think I helped out more with this move, but I probably didn’t honestly. This move was exciting for me because I got my own bedroom that I got to decorate how I wanted. I based the entire room off of a fuzzy pen I got at a scholastic book fair. It was green with different neon colored feathers popping out the top.


This was my bedroom for a long time. I’ve always been drawn to bright colors. I also had pink lights strung around my room in the corners. It was bright and it was mine and I loved it.

My next move came when I started college. I had decided to live on campus, since I didn’t have a car and I didn’t want to drive an hour every day anyway. I found an acquaintance through my best friend and we moved into a teeny tiny room together. I slept on an XL twin for a year, and had a closet that was half my closet at home. photoI kept the bright colors and somehow made it through living in such small quarters with a roommate. Most of the time we had other people sleeping on our floors as well. Usually couples with roommates that hated them. This didn’t bother us much, and we lived in a tiny room with anywhere from 2-5 people sleeping on our floor at any given time. My second semester of freshman year, my best friend moved in, even though we weren’t supposed to have the opposite sex in our rooms over night. He lived under my lofted bed on a memory foam mattress pad.  As time wore on my roommate began to annoy me, and I had always just wanted to live with my best friend anyway. So at the end of Freshman year we moved straight from the dorm into a nearby apartment.

I still didn’t have a car at this time. So my stuff was moved over slowly. Then as a surprise on my 19th birthday I was given a car. Moving my stuff over from the dorm was no longer hard and my mother’s boyfriend at the time loaded my bed in the back of his truck and helped us get that into my new room at the apartment. He also let us have his old entertainment system and tv, and my mom got us a couch for my birthday as well. In this time we were gifted a lot of things and ended up with a pretty eclectic mash up of stuff.

We lived in the apartment for six months. My best friend’s parents said that living in an apartment was too expensive. It was like throwing away money. So they bought a house close to the school that we could rent from them. They helped us move everything over and I got this awesome bedroom with built in bookcases. At some point I guess I decided to stop taking pictures of my room. But for a long time I used a flowery green and blue bedspread that I didn’t like all that much, but it was an expensive set my mom had got cheap and I used it till it got holes in it. After that I went straight back to my love of bright colors.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my best friend got into a serious relationship and moved out to live with his boyfriend for a couple months in April/May of 2014. In this time I moved to the large master bedroom and the amount of things I had expanded.


For this move it went very slowly. They moved my best friend out in a day. They had decided they still wanted a room at the house, and left a mattress out in the living room, till I could clean out my old room. At the same time, my other roommate, the one I lived in the dorms with, and her boyfriend decided they wanted my old room. In spite of all of this it went very slowly. My bed and clothes went over almost immediately. But boxing up and moving my stuff over took a while. When I finally did, the couple moved into my old room, and the boyfriend started officially living with us. My best friend set up a room for him and his boyfriend in their old room and life went on. I accumulated even more things to fill my new bedroom. I completely decked my new bathroom with all things mickey mouse. I never even fully unpacked all my boxes. A lot of stuff stayed in boxes because trying to go through them frustrated me because I didn’t have a place to put anything.

During this another close friend of mine and her girlfriend moved into the spare room. This meant that I basically had six roommates at one time. Things went downhill and fast. There was a civil war going on and it didn’t end well. My old dorm mate and her boyfriend moved out. About a week later my friend and her girlfriend moved out. And around that time, November 2014, my best friend and his boyfriend broke up and he moved back in. When he moved out we agreed that if he ever moved back in I would move out of the master. So that’s what I did. I tried to only put things that had a place in my room in my room. I wanted to “have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Which meant I had a lot of leftovers. Everything that didn’t have a place went into the spare bedroom and stayed there.

Now it’s just about time for us to move again. We’ve lived in this house for two and a half years. We’ve had three different couches, and a lot of clutter build up. My best friend was accepted into Florida State University for grad school and over spring break we went to Tallahassee to house shop. We fell in love with a cute two story townhome. We’re tired of the roommates and ready for it to be just us again.


We’ve been very excited to move and each day brings us closer to that day. It’s had to be moved back a few times but We’ll hopefully be moving by May 11th.

My best friend is the type of person that after we got back from spring break he started packing. He’s pretty much packed up everything he won’t need until after we move now. I’m the type of person that I barely had a box packed until a weekend or so ago.

That weekend sucked in a lot of ways. We finally went through the spare room, since that’s where we want to store packed boxes and my stuff was taking up more than half of it. We finally sorted through a lot of my stuff, and I’m happy to say I got rid of a lot. A lot of stuff was thrown out, and a good bit was put to the side to go to the consignment shop. What really helped was knowing my mom is packing a box of stuff from high school/college/childhood. I put a lot of sentimental stuff to the side and gave it to her to pack away. This way I don’t have to worry about parting with it. We got most of the stuff out of that room and now we’re free to put packed boxes and stuff for the move in there.

Aside from going through that room I’ve started to pack up my real bedroom and feel really good after cleaning out my closet. It’s the last week of school related things so of course the last thing I want to do is study or write a paper.

The most exciting part about moving into this new house with my best friend is that we have a lot of the same ideas for the decor of the house, and we want to take as little clutter crap we’ve accumulated with us. We’ve got beautiful new dishes, and we’ve been gifted an expensive couch. I’m just happy we’re going to make this house all our own.

But now I need to take a step back and work hard. I can pack later.




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