Bucket List

A bucket list is typically a list of things one wants to do before they “kick the bucket” and die. I like the idea of a bucket list but not for dying. I’ve had conversations before about, well what if you kick the bucket before you get to accomplish your list? What if you finish your list way before you die, are you then ready to die? Do you not have anything left to live for? I guess that’s a little harsh. I probably don’t like bucket lists because of how extreme they are. People fill their lists with skydiving, bungee jumping, scaling a mountain, etc. Other’s fill it with places they want to go. Paris, Las Vegas, LA, etc.

I prefer short term bucket lists. For instance, I’ve created a little “bucket list” for before we move.

The Pensacola Bucket List

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Eat at Al Fresco food trucks
  • take the dogs to Gallery Night
  • take the dogs to the Dog Beach
  • Tour Historic Downtown Pensacola
  • Pelican statue photo scavenger hunt

We talked about taking some things off the list. For instance the pelican scavenger hunt and the historic tour. I thought it would be too hard or too expensive. A little research has shown that the historic tour is only $6.00. I can’t believe it. It makes me wonder why I hadn’t done it before. I also found out that there are 41 pelican statues. We should be able to find most of them. I want to try at least.

We’ve done a few of these things already. We went to the zoo yesterday, and we ate at Al Fresco a month ago or so. We’ve also taken the dogs to Gallery night. We’ve got just a few more and I could not be more excited.

Here’s a few pictures from what we’ve done so far:

I loved this sassy llama. I took this picture right before he tried to eat my shirt, and then my friend’s hair.       
Eating from the food trucks was something I’d never done before and it was a cool experience.   
After we ate we walked down to the water.   
I don’t have any pictures of the dogs from gallery night, but here’s the only picture I have of me and my friends that night. We ended up having to hold the dogs for most of the evening, so there wasn’t much time to take pictures.

More pictures to come as we complete more of the bucket list. Have any of you created a short term bucket list?




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