Can’t wait 

I can’t believe how busy my life is right now. Even after I graduated. My best friend and I have been working hard to accomplish our bucket list. I still haven’t come close to being finished packing, and there seem to be parties left and right between welcoming parties, goodbye parties, graduation parties, and end of school parties. I’ve also been working hard at this blog. I want to write posts all day long and post them five times a day.

Just as an example, here’s my schedule for the next week.

Tuesday: Tour Historic Pensacola, pack rest of bookshelves, “Cinco de Drinko” party.

Wednesday: Fold clean clothes, pack more, Goodbye/Graduation Party, First day of dog sitting.

Thursday: Swim at best friend’s parent’s house, pack bag for vacation.

Friday: Go to new house to measure and pre-clean and bring packed boxes.

Saturday: Continue pre-cleaning. Come back to Pensacola.

Sunday: Get rental truck and pack the rest of the house up and deep clean house. Go back to Tallahassee.

Monday: Move into new house. Unpack truck. Start to unpack boxes.

Honestly my room is a mess. I want to wash all my bedclothes before we move, and it would be great to get a head start on cleaning. I still have a lot of stuff to pack. Mainly breakables and clothes. I have packages to send out and I have to make sure everyone who’s left stuff at our house either gets it back or let’s us throw it out. We haven’t packed the kitchen up at all. It’s stressful and I don’t know where to start. After we move in it’s just going to be a whirlwind too because we have to try to get everything moved in, and then we’re off to a cruise, and then we’re staying in Orlando for a few days. I’ll get to be back home for one night before I leave again to camp out on the beach for a long weekend. Then the real worry starts because I don’t have a job.

On top of all this I’ve got capsule wardrobes on the brain. I’ve pretty much finalized my capsule for Summer, which I’m starting June 1st. I think I’ve done a good job of putting it together because every time I look at my closet I want to grab one of the pieces going in my capsule. Cleaning out my closets have done wonders for me. But I’m afraid of wearing something from my capsule because I think I’ll get bored of wearing it for three months so I don’t want to wear something that will be a part of it.

This morning was a similar dilemma. I looked in my closet and was dying to wear one of my t-shirts that’s going in the capsule. Instead I ended up wearing this:

Which is a great outfit in it’s own right, but I feel like this shirt might not make it back into my closet.

There’s also importance to this outfit for me. This is one of my “uniforms.” For the past few summers I worked with my mom in a mostly professional office and I was expected to dress nice. I didn’t have many clothes that were “nice” enough, and my mom tried to help me out, but it mostly ended with me having a closet full of “nice” clothes I never wanted to wear. I also created a lot of wardrobe decisions off her style. Her style is a nice, patterned shirt or tank, covered by a brightly colored, microfiber, lightweight jacket. Usually paired with capris and a million accessories that match colors in the shirt. This was an easy look to work with, since I own many colorful and nice tank tops. I borrowed brightly colored jackets from my mom, and then as we went shopping she bought me my own. My mom owns these jackets in every color of the rainbow, and a few patterned ones as well. Before I knew it I owned one in most colors of the rainbow, and duplicates of a few colors. When I cleaned my second closet, that was filled with these jackets, I was surprised at how many I got rid of. This “uniform” has definitely made it into my summer capsule. I’m excited for the few I picked, since I did choose a few that could be mixed and matched.

All in all, I get more excited every day for my summer capsule, and I can’t wait for the day I don’t second guess my outfit choices.




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