Miracle Cleaning Tool

Well I thought I was going to be on hiatus. I still basically am, don’t expect posts from me every day like I have been. Posts will be spread out if I’m able to make them.

We came back from Tallahassee a day early because we unpacked everything we brought and lack of AC in 80-90 degree weather was not fun. The kitchen looks amazing and I cleaned my bathroom and got everything in to place! I promise when the whole house looks put together I’ll posts some pictures.

Tomorrow will be hectic for sure. We have to load all the furniture and the rest of the boxes onto the moving truck, drop off and pick up more furniture that we bought, and finally pack more furniture into the truck from another house. In the lease it says we have to deep clean the house before we move out. When all of that is done my best friend and I are driving straight back to Tallahassee. We want to sleep at the house so we won’t be so exhausted Monday when his parents drive up with the moving truck and we unpack everything. I’m not looking forward to having to move things upstairs in that heat.

For now though we are back in Pensacola in the AC and we finished packed up the little stuff that was leftover and now tomorrow we just have to clean and pack the truck. It’s so weird to see the house so bare. For instance my desk:

It’s just so crazy because everything is gone. I wish my desk was this clean all the time to be honest.

So you might be wondering: Why is there a pack of Huggies wipes on her desk?

I’ll tell you why. Huggies are my new favorite cleaning tool. I can’t believe we use these to wipe babies butts. I originally bought a small pack for my own butt honestly, then I saw they weren’t flushable. I used them the other day to wipe down the counters and stove and was happily surprised to find they quickly tackled sticky spots on the counter and wiped up the gross stuff on the stove. Since then I’ve used them on everything.

When we got into the new house I cleaned up the kitchen. I used these wipes to wipe out all the cabinets and drawers. I wiped down the stove and counter tops. I wiped those weird sticky lines that appear on doors over time on the pantry door. I wiped down all of our appliances. These babies even take paint off of light switch covers. I’m amazed at all these can do. When we ran out of the first pack we went out and bought another. We got the above box for $2.00. That’s it! Two dollars and I’ve got plenty of the best cleaning tool I’ve ever encountered. It even got rid of pink and black mold that was hanging out on our fridge. It cleans up everything so nice, and I’ve hardly had to scrub at all. Then when I have been dealing with a particularly bad spot I just have to scrub a little harder and then the wipe foams up a little. This tiny foam really helps get everything clean. I also used these when cleaning our bathrooms. They got old make up that was caked in the drawers in my bathroom up. They got rid of spots on the cabinet doors. They cleaned up the little black spots around the hinges. They just work so nice!

I can’t believe these are used for babies bottoms. Like part of me is how are these safe for babies?

Are there any products not necessarily used for cleaning that you like? Let me know!




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