Learn Something New Everyday 

I feel like everyone has heard this phrase in their life. Usually in a sarcastic matter, or maybe genuinely. “You learn something new everyday”

Now that I’m out of school that still rings true. Yesterday I learned that I don’t like filling out job applications.

On a more serious note, sometimes I teach myself something new. When I was much younger I was taught to crochet by a friends mother. My “scarf” was only about a foot long. But I was kind of proud of it. It became a scarf for my doll and I would pick up the crochet hook from time to time to start a scarf I’d never finish.

In high school I joined knitting club, expecting to get back into crocheting but I couldn’t remember how to do it, and the other members of the club taught me to knit and I was ecstatic. I’ve still only made a few knitted projects as well.

From there I learned how to loom knit and fell in love. I love loom knitting and it’s my go to for presents, and I’ve sold my loom knitted hats pretty successfully for a long time. I’ve also loom knit other items like a stuffed bear, and a scarf or two.

I still love playing with yarn and I’ve got quite the stash of yarn stocked up.

I mostly use my stash for loom knit items. I’ve been pretty inspired to make something recently though. I’ve started following some crafty blogs, and I have several friends who knit and crochet. While on Pinterest the other night I saw this cute steering wheel pattern. My current steering wheel cover is pink and zebra, and it was really cute when I first got it. But now the pink is peeling off and the white in the zebra print is getting dingy. My steering wheel also doesn’t fit most steering wheel covers.

I figured a yarn one would be awesome. Plus I can sew the ends together around the steering wheel so it doesn’t slip. The pattern is a pretty easy one to follow. I had to google how to single crochet, and the first section I did isn’t the best. 

I quickly found that black yarn is hard to work with for something like this, but I had already started and I wasn’t turning back. I had a mini crisis over what yarn to use. 

I have lots of fun multi-colored yarns and I thought that would be easier than another solid color.

I decided on this fun pastel yarn and I started to really enjoy the project. Once I started using the pastel yarn I could really see what I was doing and since each stitch is a different color I know where I’m supposed to go next. 

I already love this project and I catch myself figuring out what colors I’ll use when I make them for other people.

I’m glad that I have the time to do this now. I’m so happy that I’m back into crafting. I’m mostly shocked by how fast I’ve caught on to it. Once I understand the lingo, everything is great.

What have you taught yourself lately?




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