Wardrobe Capsule Starts: Now?! 

All this time I’ve been headed towards this moment. I decided that I would start my capsule June 1st. And here we are, yet I feel completely stressed out.

I made lots of spreadsheets and tried to find similar items to the pieces I’ve decided on, but I meant to show you these things weeks ago. Now I feel totally stressed to get my entire capsule out there, and I haven’t even decided how I want to do that yet!

So as it is, I’m going to start my capsule today, and as the week goes on, I’ll hopefully be able to share with you my official capsule, and where to find similar pieces, but for my sanity I might leave that out, since this is all coming from my own closet and it’s pieces I’ve owned for a long time. Looking at my spreadsheet, I have all of 2 items marked as exact.

To tide you over till then, here is my first official capsule wardrobe outfit:


Outfit details: tank-Torrid (different color), shorts-Lane Bryant (similar), shoes-Bealls Outlet, jacket-Old Navy (exact).

I’ll work on some posts so you can see my Capsule.

Until then, ayvul,



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