Why I’m already thinking about quitting my capsule.

When I first found Capsule Wardrobes back in April, I was hoping to land a job I didn’t, that had a uniform. I thought I would for sure have a job by June. That it would leave me plenty of time to come up with an appropriate wardrobe for work.

May came and went, and I didn’t have a job. So I created a capsule with minimal professional clothes, and more “fun” clothes than anything else. I’ve started wearing this fun capsule, and it’s been a blast. I went to get coffee with someone I met online, and rocked my capsule. I had someone over for dinner, capsule fit in great. Going out to eat and to Walmart and so on and so forth, I’ve looked great! I’ve worn comfortable clothes that I feel good in.

But now I have a job interview and I’m finding myself looking into the half of the closet I’ve smushed the rest of my clothes into. The place where I have my good slacks hanging, and my other black skirts. Where I’ve got pretty professional blouses. I’m looking further down my shoe rack for those grey flats that look a heck of a lot more professional than my black crocheted sandals.

I’m going to try a mix of my capsule and non capsule items, but I don’t think I can do this out of my capsule alone. At least not where I can look very professional for my interview.


It’s so exciting to have an interview, they’ve called my references, and asked how I did in other jobs, and they’ve talked to me already. I’m nervous but I’m also freaking out about minor details. What necklace do I wear, what lipstick, what nail polish, what shoes. Is it too hot for slacks? Do I bring my resume? I have a million questions and not enough answers. But I really want this job.


For the most part I was able to wear my capsule. My shirt, jacket, and skirt were all in my capsule, the only thing that wasn’t was my shoes. 

I got to my interview on time and I’m happy to say: I GOT THE JOB! 

However, this requires a business casual wardrobe, something my capsule is not. 

So here we are two weeks into my first ever capsule, and I’m calling it quits! 

Today I bought new shoes and pants, and I’m already planning on using other items from the bulk of my closet. The capsule was just not something I could do at this time in my life. I have a closet full of fun and gorgeous clothes and I should wear them! It’s such a waste to have them sit there not worn. 

The capsule wardrobe has done a few important things for me though: 

  1. I got rid of a lot of clothes I didn’t need and didn’t wear. 
  2. I came to terms with wearing the same things over and over. Who cares if I wore this outfit yesterday. No one I saw yesterday is going to see me today. 
  3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Even though the rest of my closet was hung up and hiding behind a door I realized there were a lot of clothes I wanted to wear that I wasn’t. 
  4. There is no four 
  5. I can totally do a capsule another time. 

Maybe this just isn’t the right season to start this. When I’m established in my new job, and have fully worked out what’s appropriate and what’s not I’ll have a better idea of the clothes I want to wear. I love the idea of one still, and I really second guess things before I buy them. 

Today I found knock-off toms for $10 each. I bought two pair. I almost bought three. But I knew I wouldn’t get as much use out of the white pair as I would the Black and Tan ones. I knew that I had two other pairs of white flats at home. When I tried on pants I found a cute plaid flannel shirt for cheap. And even though it bunched at the buttons I wanted to buy it but I made myself put it back. I’m getting a better idea of how to say no. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually be able to slim down my closet even more. But for right now. I’m happy with my closet. 




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