Making a Schedule 

Let’s not even talk about the fact that I haven’t made a post since I decided to quit my capsule wardrobe and jump right into this post. 

I work in retail as a lower tier manager. There’s been talk about the possibility of me moving up to an assistant manager position but that’s not promised. I suffer from depression and a large lack of motivation. Because of this most of my days I stay in bed till 15 minutes before I have to leave and I feel rushed and stressed. When I get home from work I eat and go right back to bed where I give myself lots of screen time mindlessly looking at my phone for hours on end until I go to bed. I rarely do the chores I should and they pile around me until I snap. I rarely get out of the house, aside from work, even though when I do get out of the house I have a good time. 

I 100% think a schedule would help me tremendously. It’s so different when you’re growing up because a schedule is set for you. You wake up by an alarm, you get ready for school. Your meal times are planned, you have a set schedule where you go everyday, you go home and do homework. You hang out with friends and do fun and relaxing things on the weekends. It’s all planned for you, and it’s easy to decide what you want to do with the little free time you’re given. As you grow up you’re given more free time and I didn’t ever really plan that well. Now that college is over and I’m in the work force it’s worse than ever. Because I spend all my free time in my bed, on my phone, and/or watching Netflix. I don’t exercise. I don’t interact with people in person. I yearn for the days of simplicity when everything was planned for me! 

My number one issue with trying to create a daily schedule is my work schedule. I work at least four days of the week, for a varying three to eight hours, anywhere from 9:30am to 10pm. I don’t know how to create a basic schedule that I can use everyday, when on any given day I could be working 9:30-6 or 1:15-9:45 or 1-5. I can’t schedule meal times because I never know if lunch will be at noon, or 2 pm, or 5pm. Will dinner be at 6pm or 10:30pm? 

Realistically I know I need a shell, a skeleton, something that’s not over planned that I can move around to fit my life. Talking with a friend helped me realize I needed to start small. And make a few changes over time. Make sure the schedule works for me and make tweaks before I add something else. 

This is still a work in progress but this is what I have right now. 

8:00 – wake up, check notifications

8:05 – out of bed, take pill 

– do yoga 

9:00 – make breakfast, coffee, eat outside 

– go about my day 

10:45 – get ready for bed 

11:00 – phone away, sleep 

We came up with this schedule because I wanted a schedule where I get up at the same time everyday. So my out of bed time is early enough that if I needed to open for work, I would be able to get ready in time and get to work on time. Thinking the same way, I wanted a time I could go to bed every night regardless of if I closed or not. So 11 it is. I was already using 11 as a bedtime anyway so this didn’t change for me. 

The 8:05 out of bed time is important because if you don’t get out of bed 5 minutes after you wake up, your brain makes a chemical that makes you want to stay in bed. So I give myself time to wake up, check notifications, but not feeds, and get up. This is also when I take my daily medication because I’m supposed to take it on an empty stomach. From there I do a yoga video, to help me wake up fully and take up some of that time before I’m allowed to eat. 

At my house we have a little screened in back porch and I’ve decided to eat breakfast outside. This is super helpful for my depression, gives me fresh air, and I get to take a moment for me to eat, drink coffee, and check up on social media. This morning I called my mom and caught up with her. 

I’ve only been on this schedule for two days but it’s really helping me so far. This morning I didn’t want to get up. But I made myself and I was thinking I would have to tweak my wake up time, but after I did yoga, and had my coffee, I feel great and feel like I could keep up with this. 

My top three schedule making tips:

  1. Figure out what times work for you. What time do you have to be at work or school? What time do your kids need to be at school? Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and wake up in the mornings. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Make sure you schedule at least 8 hours of sleep for yourself! 
  2. Make daily goals for yourself. What is something you want to do everyday? For me this was yoga and eating breakfast outside. I know that on days that I open I probably won’t be able to do these things. But it feels good to have a routine. Do you want to read a little everyday? Write? Exercise? Figure out what you want to do, and schedule time for it. Maybe you want to read 30 minutes before bed every night as a way to wind down. Make sure that you’re ready to read every night by the right time. And read for that time. Whatever you want to do. Schedule time for it and do it! 
  3. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, but don’t let mistakes be excuses. You missed bedtime by 15 minutes, you had to leave before breakfast, you can’t read tonight because you’re out with friends. It’s okay! I promise! But don’t let it be an excuse. If you’re up after bedtime get to bed as soon as you can. Don’t stay up on your phone for another 20 minutes. If I miss yoga one morning, I’ll try to do it later that day, if I can’t do it at all I’ll make sure to do it the next day anyway. If I can’t eat outside or take the time to make breakfast I’m still going to grab a poptart and a yogurt on my way out the door. And I’m going to try really hard to do that instead of stop at McDonald’s on my way to work. 

As time goes on I might try to add in more goals. Like reading, or cleaning a little bit every day. But for now I’m going to get used to this schedule. 

Let me know if this helped you! Let me know if you have any more tips! 




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