Why I’m already thinking about quitting my capsule.

When I first found Capsule Wardrobes back in April, I was hoping to land a job I didn’t, that had a uniform. I thought I would for sure have a job by June. That it would leave me plenty of time to come up with an appropriate wardrobe for work.

May came and went, and I didn’t have a job. So I created a capsule with minimal professional clothes, and more “fun” clothes than anything else. I’ve started wearing this fun capsule, and it’s been a blast. I went to get coffee with someone I met online, and rocked my capsule. I had someone over for dinner, capsule fit in great. Going out to eat and to Walmart and so on and so forth, I’ve looked great! I’ve worn comfortable clothes that I feel good in.

But now I have a job interview and I’m finding myself looking into the half of the closet I’ve smushed the rest of my clothes into. The place where I have my good slacks hanging, and my other black skirts. Where I’ve got pretty professional blouses. I’m looking further down my shoe rack for those grey flats that look a heck of a lot more professional than my black crocheted sandals.

I’m going to try a mix of my capsule and non capsule items, but I don’t think I can do this out of my capsule alone. At least not where I can look very professional for my interview.


It’s so exciting to have an interview, they’ve called my references, and asked how I did in other jobs, and they’ve talked to me already. I’m nervous but I’m also freaking out about minor details. What necklace do I wear, what lipstick, what nail polish, what shoes. Is it too hot for slacks? Do I bring my resume? I have a million questions and not enough answers. But I really want this job.


For the most part I was able to wear my capsule. My shirt, jacket, and skirt were all in my capsule, the only thing that wasn’t was my shoes. 

I got to my interview on time and I’m happy to say: I GOT THE JOB! 

However, this requires a business casual wardrobe, something my capsule is not. 

So here we are two weeks into my first ever capsule, and I’m calling it quits! 

Today I bought new shoes and pants, and I’m already planning on using other items from the bulk of my closet. The capsule was just not something I could do at this time in my life. I have a closet full of fun and gorgeous clothes and I should wear them! It’s such a waste to have them sit there not worn. 

The capsule wardrobe has done a few important things for me though: 

  1. I got rid of a lot of clothes I didn’t need and didn’t wear. 
  2. I came to terms with wearing the same things over and over. Who cares if I wore this outfit yesterday. No one I saw yesterday is going to see me today. 
  3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Even though the rest of my closet was hung up and hiding behind a door I realized there were a lot of clothes I wanted to wear that I wasn’t. 
  4. There is no four 
  5. I can totally do a capsule another time. 

Maybe this just isn’t the right season to start this. When I’m established in my new job, and have fully worked out what’s appropriate and what’s not I’ll have a better idea of the clothes I want to wear. I love the idea of one still, and I really second guess things before I buy them. 

Today I found knock-off toms for $10 each. I bought two pair. I almost bought three. But I knew I wouldn’t get as much use out of the white pair as I would the Black and Tan ones. I knew that I had two other pairs of white flats at home. When I tried on pants I found a cute plaid flannel shirt for cheap. And even though it bunched at the buttons I wanted to buy it but I made myself put it back. I’m getting a better idea of how to say no. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually be able to slim down my closet even more. But for right now. I’m happy with my closet. 




Wardrobe Capsule Starts: Now?! 

All this time I’ve been headed towards this moment. I decided that I would start my capsule June 1st. And here we are, yet I feel completely stressed out.

I made lots of spreadsheets and tried to find similar items to the pieces I’ve decided on, but I meant to show you these things weeks ago. Now I feel totally stressed to get my entire capsule out there, and I haven’t even decided how I want to do that yet!

So as it is, I’m going to start my capsule today, and as the week goes on, I’ll hopefully be able to share with you my official capsule, and where to find similar pieces, but for my sanity I might leave that out, since this is all coming from my own closet and it’s pieces I’ve owned for a long time. Looking at my spreadsheet, I have all of 2 items marked as exact.

To tide you over till then, here is my first official capsule wardrobe outfit:


Outfit details: tank-Torrid (different color), shorts-Lane Bryant (similar), shoes-Bealls Outlet, jacket-Old Navy (exact).

I’ll work on some posts so you can see my Capsule.

Until then, ayvul,


Triple Vacation Planning 

I’ve mentioned that I’m going on a “triple vacation” on a few of my past posts. We leave in two days and I could not be more excited.

I finally started packing today. I’ve got a few things that need to be washed but I’ve planned out what I’m wearing each day. First vacation is a cruise to the Bahamas. Second vacation is a 3 night stay in Orlando, we’re going to one of the Disney waterparks, and Universal Studios. My best friend and I are just packing one suitcase for both trips, so this is what I’ve come up with:
Plenty of tank tops and t-shirts. Since the cruise is only two nights I won’t end up needing a lot clothes wise. Most of the time I’ll probably be in a swim suit. I’ve brought a jacket just in case I need it on board. I’ve also packed my Hufflepuff shirt for Universal. We might end up going to a club while we’re in Orlando so I’ve also packed a nice black shirt. Not shown are two swimsuits and a beach cover-up.

After we get back from that, I’ve got less than a day before I’m off again, this time back to Pensacola, to spend Memorial Day weekend on the beach. Each year hundreds of thousands of LGBT+ community members flock to Pensacola Beach for Memorial Day weekend. Everyone camps out on the beach and the local clubs have tons of events. Last year was my first year camping out and I learned a lot about what to do this year. Like a footbath for the tent so that it doesn’t get covered in sand and air mattresses to keep us comfortable when we sleep. My friends are planning on getting a huge tent. I’m very excited to get out there and have a blast with all my queer friends.

Here’s what I’m packing for Memorial Gay Weekend:
Again, most of the time I’ll be in a bathing suit. I’m sure I won’t even wear half of these shirts. I’ve brought a few just in case we venture out but I’m pretty sure we’re staying on the beach all weekend. Then on Memorial day I have plans to see some of my family, and picked up a few forgotten items (Like all of my flip flops) from the old house. I’m definitely in for a crazy and fun filled two weeks!



Can’t wait 

I can’t believe how busy my life is right now. Even after I graduated. My best friend and I have been working hard to accomplish our bucket list. I still haven’t come close to being finished packing, and there seem to be parties left and right between welcoming parties, goodbye parties, graduation parties, and end of school parties. I’ve also been working hard at this blog. I want to write posts all day long and post them five times a day.

Just as an example, here’s my schedule for the next week.

Tuesday: Tour Historic Pensacola, pack rest of bookshelves, “Cinco de Drinko” party.

Wednesday: Fold clean clothes, pack more, Goodbye/Graduation Party, First day of dog sitting.

Thursday: Swim at best friend’s parent’s house, pack bag for vacation.

Friday: Go to new house to measure and pre-clean and bring packed boxes.

Saturday: Continue pre-cleaning. Come back to Pensacola.

Sunday: Get rental truck and pack the rest of the house up and deep clean house. Go back to Tallahassee.

Monday: Move into new house. Unpack truck. Start to unpack boxes.

Honestly my room is a mess. I want to wash all my bedclothes before we move, and it would be great to get a head start on cleaning. I still have a lot of stuff to pack. Mainly breakables and clothes. I have packages to send out and I have to make sure everyone who’s left stuff at our house either gets it back or let’s us throw it out. We haven’t packed the kitchen up at all. It’s stressful and I don’t know where to start. After we move in it’s just going to be a whirlwind too because we have to try to get everything moved in, and then we’re off to a cruise, and then we’re staying in Orlando for a few days. I’ll get to be back home for one night before I leave again to camp out on the beach for a long weekend. Then the real worry starts because I don’t have a job.

On top of all this I’ve got capsule wardrobes on the brain. I’ve pretty much finalized my capsule for Summer, which I’m starting June 1st. I think I’ve done a good job of putting it together because every time I look at my closet I want to grab one of the pieces going in my capsule. Cleaning out my closets have done wonders for me. But I’m afraid of wearing something from my capsule because I think I’ll get bored of wearing it for three months so I don’t want to wear something that will be a part of it.

This morning was a similar dilemma. I looked in my closet and was dying to wear one of my t-shirts that’s going in the capsule. Instead I ended up wearing this:

Which is a great outfit in it’s own right, but I feel like this shirt might not make it back into my closet.

There’s also importance to this outfit for me. This is one of my “uniforms.” For the past few summers I worked with my mom in a mostly professional office and I was expected to dress nice. I didn’t have many clothes that were “nice” enough, and my mom tried to help me out, but it mostly ended with me having a closet full of “nice” clothes I never wanted to wear. I also created a lot of wardrobe decisions off her style. Her style is a nice, patterned shirt or tank, covered by a brightly colored, microfiber, lightweight jacket. Usually paired with capris and a million accessories that match colors in the shirt. This was an easy look to work with, since I own many colorful and nice tank tops. I borrowed brightly colored jackets from my mom, and then as we went shopping she bought me my own. My mom owns these jackets in every color of the rainbow, and a few patterned ones as well. Before I knew it I owned one in most colors of the rainbow, and duplicates of a few colors. When I cleaned my second closet, that was filled with these jackets, I was surprised at how many I got rid of. This “uniform” has definitely made it into my summer capsule. I’m excited for the few I picked, since I did choose a few that could be mixed and matched.

All in all, I get more excited every day for my summer capsule, and I can’t wait for the day I don’t second guess my outfit choices.



Cleaning Out My Closets: part 2 

This is the second part to this post, where I cleaned out my main closet. This post is all about me cleaning out my second closet.  
This was my second closet before I cleaned it out. My second closet housed:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Professional wear
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets/hoodies

I went to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in concert recently, and I tried on every fancy dress I owned to figure out what to wear to the concert. A couple weeks before that I tried on all my sun dresses for fun.

When I went through my dresses I got rid of a few, but there’s something about trying to simplify your life and get rid of what isn’t needed that helps you come to a moment of clarity and get rid of even more. For instance both the yellow and paisley dresses didn’t make the cut this time. Along with that were a couple fancy dresses I know I’ll never wear again, and a few pieces of professional wear that didn’t make me feel professional. I’m always surprised with how much actually gets cut out of the closet when I clean it. This was just the last bit of clothes that didn’t make it. I’d already packed two bags before this. It also surprises me because I’ll see an item coming up and I get filled with relief, “I’m finally getting rid of that” if I feel this way about some of my clothes, why didn’t I just get rid of them in the first place?

Then there are other things, like that Glee shirt. This was one of those items that went lost in my closet for a while. It’s finally resurfaced, but even though I like how it looks on me, I don’t see myself reaching for it over something else. I don’t see how I could include it in a capsule, and I don’t have any PJ bottoms that match it to keep it for sleepwear. It just doesn’t belong in my closet anymore. I’m surprised at how much it affected me.

I added what I could into my main closet. I could honestly fit my whole closet in here again, which is why I originally did it, but now I don’t feel like moving more, when I’m about to pack it up to move it anyway.     

Just a few skirts and dresses left out of a hopeless amount before, and right now I have way too many jackets. But again, I’m happy with how much I’m getting rid of. I can’t wait to actually get it out of the house and not have to look at the bags of clothes. Friday is my last day at work, and I know I’ll spend the whole day in front of the computer pricing all the stuff I’m bringing in.



Making a Capsule Wardrobe your Own

I told my mom about this crazy capsule wardrobe idea the other night. It didn’t seem to phase her. This idea rocked my world and knocked my socks off.

“37 sounds like a lot of clothes” she said. I quickly asked her how many items she had in her closet. She didn’t know of course, but her closet is about three times bigger than mine. It’s just as packed as my closet was and she also uses another closet in the house. I also shared with her my new mantra of “spending is not saving” She gave me a confused “Duh!” but she’s where I got all my clothes hoarding habits from.

I felt really great after getting my shirts down to 61 items. However, I’ve done laundry since then and a few more shirts have definitely made it back in. But they’re all clothes I like to wear. At one point I even hung up a shirt that I know I’m going to put in a box for next year’s spring capsule. Today I’ll probably go through my second closet. Pull out a bunch of dresses, skirts, and cardigans I don’t wear or need.

When I first started thinking about doing a capsule wardrobe, I made up a collection with items similar to ones I own on polyvore so I could mix and match to my hearts content and see if I had a good idea for a capsule together. You can check that out here.

I’ve found that even on polyvore there are items I skip over. I think it all boils down to the fact that I’m letting other people’s capsules influence my own instead of finding my own 37 items. For instance, dresses are not my favorite, yet I included two in my capsule. I love the idea of my pink dress. It’s a cute color, it’s plain so it’s easy to put other pieces with it, and it has pockets. I absolutely love that it has pockets. But once it’s on I have problems with it. It’s too tight around my thighs, my phone and car keys weigh the pockets down too much and make it feel awkward. I have to wear a cardigan with it or show my bra straps. Regardless I think both dresses I picked will make it into my final capsule, because there are days when I want to wear a dress, and even if I don’t wear them all summer, I’ll feel better knowing I had them just in case. Plus I look awesome in both of them.

One issue I have with my practice capsule is that I included my Fourth of July outfit. I’ve got a cute outfit planned for the Fourth, even if I don’t end up doing anything, I’m prepared. However, I don’t feel like I’ll get much use out of the items other than on the Fourth. I’m thinking I might leave it out of the capsule. It’s something I’ll have to think about.

My other issue comes with my jackets I’ve included. I’ve included two lightweight hoodies, for going to the movies, walking on the beach at night, and sunburns. I’m not sure if any of these things will happen over summer, but I think I will leave them out of my count. I have several cardigans in my capsule that I will count, because they will be a thought out part of an outfit, my hoodies will be added on as an afterthought if I’m cold.

Along the same lines of dresses, I also don’t tend to wear skirts. Yet, I’ve included three. One of which I wear as a dress.  I know there is so much you can do with a skirt, I just don’t know how to do them. I also hate the lack of pockets. I don’t own a single skirt with pockets. But I always want a pocket. I feel awkward if I don’t have a pocket for any amount of time. Where do I put my phone? My car keys?

Funnily enough, one of my other problems was simply not knowing what I had. With all the clothes I had, things easily get lost. (I’m still looking for a black v-neck shirt that went missing Valentine’s day circa 2013) What this means is, I made this collection before I cleaned out my closet. Now that I’ve cleaned out my closet and finished doing all my laundry, I’ve found a few nice summery shirts that I want to add to my capsule. To make this work, a few things have to be shifted around.

My summer capsule is going to take a little more time. But I’m excited for the process.



OMG. Shoes. 

Reminisce and cringe with me. Don’t worry. I couldn’t watch the whole thing either. To think my friends and I used to know every word to this.

I think I have too many shoes. In fact, I know I have too many shoes. More importantly, I have a lot of worn out shoes.    

That’s 32 pairs of shoes people. Thirty-two. Of course as anyone starting a capsule wardrobe knows, I don’t wear half of these shoes. Just looking at the picture I can point out two pairs that don’t fit. I can’t wear all those pretty wedges at the bottom because I have loose ligaments in my ankles, and who on Earth needs to own 6 pairs of flip flops? Me I guess.

As I try to set up a capsule wardrobe for summer, shoes keep holding me back. Looking through other people’s capsules don’t seem to help me much either. Un-fancy author Caroline typically uses 9 pairs of shoes in her capsules, and if you look in her most recent capsule, you’ll see she’s chosen 10 pairs.  On Project333’s website there doesn’t seem to be a set amount of shoes to choose each month. It’s really up to the person.

I’m at this point where I really think 9 or 10 pairs is excessive. I’ve put together a sort of capsule using polyvore and I’ve loved mixing and matching pieces. I’ve only put four pairs of shoes in that capsule. I honestly think I could be happy with this.
(You can see my possible summer capsule on Polyvore here, and the sets I’ve made with them here.)

Trying to come up with my own rules or guidelines for a capsule wardrobe is hard. Especially seeing as this is my first time attempting to do anything like this. One thing I’ve definitely decided, is just as how you don’t include workout clothes in your capsule, I’m not going to include my sneakers in my capsule.

Somethings are easy to eliminate for summer. My boots for example. Others are harder. Will I use those funky pink chevron flats in summer? Should I pick out two pairs of flip flops for going to the beach and wearing around? Summer is all about the flip flops and sandals for me. Trying to come up with a good solution is hard.

How about you guys? What do you do for shoes in the summer. How many pairs do you include in your capsule?