Cleaning Out My Makeup

I am a hoarder.  I have been for a long time. I constantly hang on to things I don’t need for sentimental reasons. Or because I don’t want to “waste” them. I’m really bad about hanging on to things because I think I’ll use them someday eventually maybe. 

I hardly ever wear make up. I’ll occasionally wear eye makeup and lipstick to work, but not as often as I should. Yet, somehow I’ve ended up with a lot of makeup. While perusing Pinterest today I saw a list for expiration dates for makeup and realized most of my makeup is over four years old. It’s time to go.  


There were so many things to toss out.  

Lip gloss that had never been opened, but was past expiration. Eye shadow that was barely pigmented to start with, so many tins of glitter I know I’ll probably never use. 

This was my keep pile, and I actually ended up throwing out more after I took this picture. What I’m left with is practical makeup that I can wear day to day, along with some fun options for the occasional time that I want to do crazy makeup. I’m going to try to get better about dating makeup as I get it. Throwing out makeup I know is old. And not allowing myself to get new makeup I won’t use. 

This is what I’m down to. A small bag filled with my day to day makeup, and a larger bag that holds the rest. It feels good to get rid of things I don’t need! 


Making a Schedule 

Let’s not even talk about the fact that I haven’t made a post since I decided to quit my capsule wardrobe and jump right into this post. 

I work in retail as a lower tier manager. There’s been talk about the possibility of me moving up to an assistant manager position but that’s not promised. I suffer from depression and a large lack of motivation. Because of this most of my days I stay in bed till 15 minutes before I have to leave and I feel rushed and stressed. When I get home from work I eat and go right back to bed where I give myself lots of screen time mindlessly looking at my phone for hours on end until I go to bed. I rarely do the chores I should and they pile around me until I snap. I rarely get out of the house, aside from work, even though when I do get out of the house I have a good time. 

I 100% think a schedule would help me tremendously. It’s so different when you’re growing up because a schedule is set for you. You wake up by an alarm, you get ready for school. Your meal times are planned, you have a set schedule where you go everyday, you go home and do homework. You hang out with friends and do fun and relaxing things on the weekends. It’s all planned for you, and it’s easy to decide what you want to do with the little free time you’re given. As you grow up you’re given more free time and I didn’t ever really plan that well. Now that college is over and I’m in the work force it’s worse than ever. Because I spend all my free time in my bed, on my phone, and/or watching Netflix. I don’t exercise. I don’t interact with people in person. I yearn for the days of simplicity when everything was planned for me! 

My number one issue with trying to create a daily schedule is my work schedule. I work at least four days of the week, for a varying three to eight hours, anywhere from 9:30am to 10pm. I don’t know how to create a basic schedule that I can use everyday, when on any given day I could be working 9:30-6 or 1:15-9:45 or 1-5. I can’t schedule meal times because I never know if lunch will be at noon, or 2 pm, or 5pm. Will dinner be at 6pm or 10:30pm? 

Realistically I know I need a shell, a skeleton, something that’s not over planned that I can move around to fit my life. Talking with a friend helped me realize I needed to start small. And make a few changes over time. Make sure the schedule works for me and make tweaks before I add something else. 

This is still a work in progress but this is what I have right now. 

8:00 – wake up, check notifications

8:05 – out of bed, take pill 

– do yoga 

9:00 – make breakfast, coffee, eat outside 

– go about my day 

10:45 – get ready for bed 

11:00 – phone away, sleep 

We came up with this schedule because I wanted a schedule where I get up at the same time everyday. So my out of bed time is early enough that if I needed to open for work, I would be able to get ready in time and get to work on time. Thinking the same way, I wanted a time I could go to bed every night regardless of if I closed or not. So 11 it is. I was already using 11 as a bedtime anyway so this didn’t change for me. 

The 8:05 out of bed time is important because if you don’t get out of bed 5 minutes after you wake up, your brain makes a chemical that makes you want to stay in bed. So I give myself time to wake up, check notifications, but not feeds, and get up. This is also when I take my daily medication because I’m supposed to take it on an empty stomach. From there I do a yoga video, to help me wake up fully and take up some of that time before I’m allowed to eat. 

At my house we have a little screened in back porch and I’ve decided to eat breakfast outside. This is super helpful for my depression, gives me fresh air, and I get to take a moment for me to eat, drink coffee, and check up on social media. This morning I called my mom and caught up with her. 

I’ve only been on this schedule for two days but it’s really helping me so far. This morning I didn’t want to get up. But I made myself and I was thinking I would have to tweak my wake up time, but after I did yoga, and had my coffee, I feel great and feel like I could keep up with this. 

My top three schedule making tips:

  1. Figure out what times work for you. What time do you have to be at work or school? What time do your kids need to be at school? Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and wake up in the mornings. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Make sure you schedule at least 8 hours of sleep for yourself! 
  2. Make daily goals for yourself. What is something you want to do everyday? For me this was yoga and eating breakfast outside. I know that on days that I open I probably won’t be able to do these things. But it feels good to have a routine. Do you want to read a little everyday? Write? Exercise? Figure out what you want to do, and schedule time for it. Maybe you want to read 30 minutes before bed every night as a way to wind down. Make sure that you’re ready to read every night by the right time. And read for that time. Whatever you want to do. Schedule time for it and do it! 
  3. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, but don’t let mistakes be excuses. You missed bedtime by 15 minutes, you had to leave before breakfast, you can’t read tonight because you’re out with friends. It’s okay! I promise! But don’t let it be an excuse. If you’re up after bedtime get to bed as soon as you can. Don’t stay up on your phone for another 20 minutes. If I miss yoga one morning, I’ll try to do it later that day, if I can’t do it at all I’ll make sure to do it the next day anyway. If I can’t eat outside or take the time to make breakfast I’m still going to grab a poptart and a yogurt on my way out the door. And I’m going to try really hard to do that instead of stop at McDonald’s on my way to work. 

As time goes on I might try to add in more goals. Like reading, or cleaning a little bit every day. But for now I’m going to get used to this schedule. 

Let me know if this helped you! Let me know if you have any more tips! 



Miracle Cleaning Tool

Well I thought I was going to be on hiatus. I still basically am, don’t expect posts from me every day like I have been. Posts will be spread out if I’m able to make them.

We came back from Tallahassee a day early because we unpacked everything we brought and lack of AC in 80-90 degree weather was not fun. The kitchen looks amazing and I cleaned my bathroom and got everything in to place! I promise when the whole house looks put together I’ll posts some pictures.

Tomorrow will be hectic for sure. We have to load all the furniture and the rest of the boxes onto the moving truck, drop off and pick up more furniture that we bought, and finally pack more furniture into the truck from another house. In the lease it says we have to deep clean the house before we move out. When all of that is done my best friend and I are driving straight back to Tallahassee. We want to sleep at the house so we won’t be so exhausted Monday when his parents drive up with the moving truck and we unpack everything. I’m not looking forward to having to move things upstairs in that heat.

For now though we are back in Pensacola in the AC and we finished packed up the little stuff that was leftover and now tomorrow we just have to clean and pack the truck. It’s so weird to see the house so bare. For instance my desk:

It’s just so crazy because everything is gone. I wish my desk was this clean all the time to be honest.

So you might be wondering: Why is there a pack of Huggies wipes on her desk?

I’ll tell you why. Huggies are my new favorite cleaning tool. I can’t believe we use these to wipe babies butts. I originally bought a small pack for my own butt honestly, then I saw they weren’t flushable. I used them the other day to wipe down the counters and stove and was happily surprised to find they quickly tackled sticky spots on the counter and wiped up the gross stuff on the stove. Since then I’ve used them on everything.

When we got into the new house I cleaned up the kitchen. I used these wipes to wipe out all the cabinets and drawers. I wiped down the stove and counter tops. I wiped those weird sticky lines that appear on doors over time on the pantry door. I wiped down all of our appliances. These babies even take paint off of light switch covers. I’m amazed at all these can do. When we ran out of the first pack we went out and bought another. We got the above box for $2.00. That’s it! Two dollars and I’ve got plenty of the best cleaning tool I’ve ever encountered. It even got rid of pink and black mold that was hanging out on our fridge. It cleans up everything so nice, and I’ve hardly had to scrub at all. Then when I have been dealing with a particularly bad spot I just have to scrub a little harder and then the wipe foams up a little. This tiny foam really helps get everything clean. I also used these when cleaning our bathrooms. They got old make up that was caked in the drawers in my bathroom up. They got rid of spots on the cabinet doors. They cleaned up the little black spots around the hinges. They just work so nice!

I can’t believe these are used for babies bottoms. Like part of me is how are these safe for babies?

Are there any products not necessarily used for cleaning that you like? Let me know!



Cleaning Out My Closets: part 2 

This is the second part to this post, where I cleaned out my main closet. This post is all about me cleaning out my second closet.  
This was my second closet before I cleaned it out. My second closet housed:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Professional wear
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets/hoodies

I went to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in concert recently, and I tried on every fancy dress I owned to figure out what to wear to the concert. A couple weeks before that I tried on all my sun dresses for fun.

When I went through my dresses I got rid of a few, but there’s something about trying to simplify your life and get rid of what isn’t needed that helps you come to a moment of clarity and get rid of even more. For instance both the yellow and paisley dresses didn’t make the cut this time. Along with that were a couple fancy dresses I know I’ll never wear again, and a few pieces of professional wear that didn’t make me feel professional. I’m always surprised with how much actually gets cut out of the closet when I clean it. This was just the last bit of clothes that didn’t make it. I’d already packed two bags before this. It also surprises me because I’ll see an item coming up and I get filled with relief, “I’m finally getting rid of that” if I feel this way about some of my clothes, why didn’t I just get rid of them in the first place?

Then there are other things, like that Glee shirt. This was one of those items that went lost in my closet for a while. It’s finally resurfaced, but even though I like how it looks on me, I don’t see myself reaching for it over something else. I don’t see how I could include it in a capsule, and I don’t have any PJ bottoms that match it to keep it for sleepwear. It just doesn’t belong in my closet anymore. I’m surprised at how much it affected me.

I added what I could into my main closet. I could honestly fit my whole closet in here again, which is why I originally did it, but now I don’t feel like moving more, when I’m about to pack it up to move it anyway.     

Just a few skirts and dresses left out of a hopeless amount before, and right now I have way too many jackets. But again, I’m happy with how much I’m getting rid of. I can’t wait to actually get it out of the house and not have to look at the bags of clothes. Friday is my last day at work, and I know I’ll spend the whole day in front of the computer pricing all the stuff I’m bringing in.



OMG. Shoes. 

Reminisce and cringe with me. Don’t worry. I couldn’t watch the whole thing either. To think my friends and I used to know every word to this.

I think I have too many shoes. In fact, I know I have too many shoes. More importantly, I have a lot of worn out shoes.    

That’s 32 pairs of shoes people. Thirty-two. Of course as anyone starting a capsule wardrobe knows, I don’t wear half of these shoes. Just looking at the picture I can point out two pairs that don’t fit. I can’t wear all those pretty wedges at the bottom because I have loose ligaments in my ankles, and who on Earth needs to own 6 pairs of flip flops? Me I guess.

As I try to set up a capsule wardrobe for summer, shoes keep holding me back. Looking through other people’s capsules don’t seem to help me much either. Un-fancy author Caroline typically uses 9 pairs of shoes in her capsules, and if you look in her most recent capsule, you’ll see she’s chosen 10 pairs.  On Project333’s website there doesn’t seem to be a set amount of shoes to choose each month. It’s really up to the person.

I’m at this point where I really think 9 or 10 pairs is excessive. I’ve put together a sort of capsule using polyvore and I’ve loved mixing and matching pieces. I’ve only put four pairs of shoes in that capsule. I honestly think I could be happy with this.
(You can see my possible summer capsule on Polyvore here, and the sets I’ve made with them here.)

Trying to come up with my own rules or guidelines for a capsule wardrobe is hard. Especially seeing as this is my first time attempting to do anything like this. One thing I’ve definitely decided, is just as how you don’t include workout clothes in your capsule, I’m not going to include my sneakers in my capsule.

Somethings are easy to eliminate for summer. My boots for example. Others are harder. Will I use those funky pink chevron flats in summer? Should I pick out two pairs of flip flops for going to the beach and wearing around? Summer is all about the flip flops and sandals for me. Trying to come up with a good solution is hard.

How about you guys? What do you do for shoes in the summer. How many pairs do you include in your capsule?




I’ve moved a total of five times in my life (well 7 if you count moving from one room to another and then back again. Which I will).

My first move was from a house in Georgia, to an above the garage one bedroom in Florida. I was seven at the time, so I didn’t have to do much.

My second move was from that tiny one bedroom to a three bedroom when I was in middle school. I like to think I helped out more with this move, but I probably didn’t honestly. This move was exciting for me because I got my own bedroom that I got to decorate how I wanted. I based the entire room off of a fuzzy pen I got at a scholastic book fair. It was green with different neon colored feathers popping out the top.


This was my bedroom for a long time. I’ve always been drawn to bright colors. I also had pink lights strung around my room in the corners. It was bright and it was mine and I loved it.

My next move came when I started college. I had decided to live on campus, since I didn’t have a car and I didn’t want to drive an hour every day anyway. I found an acquaintance through my best friend and we moved into a teeny tiny room together. I slept on an XL twin for a year, and had a closet that was half my closet at home. photoI kept the bright colors and somehow made it through living in such small quarters with a roommate. Most of the time we had other people sleeping on our floors as well. Usually couples with roommates that hated them. This didn’t bother us much, and we lived in a tiny room with anywhere from 2-5 people sleeping on our floor at any given time. My second semester of freshman year, my best friend moved in, even though we weren’t supposed to have the opposite sex in our rooms over night. He lived under my lofted bed on a memory foam mattress pad.  As time wore on my roommate began to annoy me, and I had always just wanted to live with my best friend anyway. So at the end of Freshman year we moved straight from the dorm into a nearby apartment.

I still didn’t have a car at this time. So my stuff was moved over slowly. Then as a surprise on my 19th birthday I was given a car. Moving my stuff over from the dorm was no longer hard and my mother’s boyfriend at the time loaded my bed in the back of his truck and helped us get that into my new room at the apartment. He also let us have his old entertainment system and tv, and my mom got us a couch for my birthday as well. In this time we were gifted a lot of things and ended up with a pretty eclectic mash up of stuff.

We lived in the apartment for six months. My best friend’s parents said that living in an apartment was too expensive. It was like throwing away money. So they bought a house close to the school that we could rent from them. They helped us move everything over and I got this awesome bedroom with built in bookcases. At some point I guess I decided to stop taking pictures of my room. But for a long time I used a flowery green and blue bedspread that I didn’t like all that much, but it was an expensive set my mom had got cheap and I used it till it got holes in it. After that I went straight back to my love of bright colors.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but my best friend got into a serious relationship and moved out to live with his boyfriend for a couple months in April/May of 2014. In this time I moved to the large master bedroom and the amount of things I had expanded.


For this move it went very slowly. They moved my best friend out in a day. They had decided they still wanted a room at the house, and left a mattress out in the living room, till I could clean out my old room. At the same time, my other roommate, the one I lived in the dorms with, and her boyfriend decided they wanted my old room. In spite of all of this it went very slowly. My bed and clothes went over almost immediately. But boxing up and moving my stuff over took a while. When I finally did, the couple moved into my old room, and the boyfriend started officially living with us. My best friend set up a room for him and his boyfriend in their old room and life went on. I accumulated even more things to fill my new bedroom. I completely decked my new bathroom with all things mickey mouse. I never even fully unpacked all my boxes. A lot of stuff stayed in boxes because trying to go through them frustrated me because I didn’t have a place to put anything.

During this another close friend of mine and her girlfriend moved into the spare room. This meant that I basically had six roommates at one time. Things went downhill and fast. There was a civil war going on and it didn’t end well. My old dorm mate and her boyfriend moved out. About a week later my friend and her girlfriend moved out. And around that time, November 2014, my best friend and his boyfriend broke up and he moved back in. When he moved out we agreed that if he ever moved back in I would move out of the master. So that’s what I did. I tried to only put things that had a place in my room in my room. I wanted to “have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Which meant I had a lot of leftovers. Everything that didn’t have a place went into the spare bedroom and stayed there.

Now it’s just about time for us to move again. We’ve lived in this house for two and a half years. We’ve had three different couches, and a lot of clutter build up. My best friend was accepted into Florida State University for grad school and over spring break we went to Tallahassee to house shop. We fell in love with a cute two story townhome. We’re tired of the roommates and ready for it to be just us again.


We’ve been very excited to move and each day brings us closer to that day. It’s had to be moved back a few times but We’ll hopefully be moving by May 11th.

My best friend is the type of person that after we got back from spring break he started packing. He’s pretty much packed up everything he won’t need until after we move now. I’m the type of person that I barely had a box packed until a weekend or so ago.

That weekend sucked in a lot of ways. We finally went through the spare room, since that’s where we want to store packed boxes and my stuff was taking up more than half of it. We finally sorted through a lot of my stuff, and I’m happy to say I got rid of a lot. A lot of stuff was thrown out, and a good bit was put to the side to go to the consignment shop. What really helped was knowing my mom is packing a box of stuff from high school/college/childhood. I put a lot of sentimental stuff to the side and gave it to her to pack away. This way I don’t have to worry about parting with it. We got most of the stuff out of that room and now we’re free to put packed boxes and stuff for the move in there.

Aside from going through that room I’ve started to pack up my real bedroom and feel really good after cleaning out my closet. It’s the last week of school related things so of course the last thing I want to do is study or write a paper.

The most exciting part about moving into this new house with my best friend is that we have a lot of the same ideas for the decor of the house, and we want to take as little clutter crap we’ve accumulated with us. We’ve got beautiful new dishes, and we’ve been gifted an expensive couch. I’m just happy we’re going to make this house all our own.

But now I need to take a step back and work hard. I can pack later.



Cleaning Out My Closet

Just some of the hangers I got rid of cleaning my closet.

After writing my post on capsule wardrobes last night I decided it was time to do the big clean on my closet. I stayed up till almost 4 am driving myself crazy and getting rid of a lot. It’s the next morning and I feel fantastic. I didn’t realize how happy getting rid of things would make me.


I used some of the guidelines you can find on Un-Fancy or Project333. I knew I needed to take everything out of my closet. I liked the idea of putting things into different piles and sorting through everything. I also realized the importance of trying on every single item. But I did have some issues with this system.

I have tried this before where I take absolutely everything out of my closet and try it on in an attempt to get rid of things. But I never really got rid of much. I would take everything out, lay it on my bed, and start trying things on and sorting them out, but I had so many clothes I got exhausted of trying on clothes and and wanted to sleep and would eventually end up putting everything right back in my closet. To fix this I started small. Instead of pulling absolutely everything out of my closet at the beginning I pulled out small groups. So I grabbed my buttons ups first and tried them on and decided their fates. Then I moved onto my purple shirts. My closet is color coordinated by type, so it was easy to just grab a color and try them on before moving onto the next.

The general rule is when you clean out your closet you make four piles.

  1. Keep (fits and looks right)
  2. Maybe (needs mending, is sentimental, or want to keep)
  3. Consign/Donate (things that don’t fit or look right but are in good condition)
  4. Trash (anything torn, stained, or gross)

I hate how messy the idea of a pile is. I think that has really held me back from doing this in the past. If I take everything off hangers and throw them in a pile at the end I’ll have clothes all strewn about and have to hang up everything and it’ll take longer. To combat this, I didn’t put things in piles. If an item was a keep, it went right back into the closet. If it was a maybe, I folded it neatly and put it in a chair in my room until the end. If it was a donate, it went on a hanger and I put them on the edge of the door to my bedroom. I work at a consignment shop, and it’s preferred that items come in on hangers. Trash pile went into my desk chair. At first I had a few other piles, like one to go to my mom, then I realized that I should just take everything I’m planning on consigning to her first to see if she wants any of it. Aside from the trash and maybe categories the rest was hung up and neat.

My guidelines:

  • Take everything out of your closet
    • Start slowly. Take out 5-10 shirts at a time and thoroughly sort them out.
  •  Try on everything
    • Even if you wore it yesterday. If you want it to go back in the closet you have to try it on.
  • Keep a capsule in mind.
    • What season capsule would you put each item in. Would this item work in a capsule you’re thinking about. Would you pick something else over it?
  • Be ruthless.
    • There’s no shame in keeping sentimental items. Just put them in a box, don’t hang them in your closet.

The Results:

So here was my closet before. Organized chaos. Remember that this was my closet after I had angrily purged my closet 5 or 6 times of items I knew I didn’t wear, or didn’t fit, or that I knew I didn’t want any more.

Doing my counts for the post yesterday I found that I owned 120 shirts.

  • 47 tank tops
  • 64 tops
  • 9 button ups

Keep in mind that this count was just what was in my closet at that moment, not including three full laundry baskets of clean/dirty clothes.

After the clean yesterday my big count is 61.

  • 28 tank tops
  • 27 tops
  • 6 button ups.

I still have laundry to do, but this was a great start.

My process:

I love these swivel hangers. I have 40 bajillion of them, but never seem to have enough with my hoard of clothes. My mother recently gave me about four bags of the black ones. I’d been using clear ones forever, but I didn’t really care what color they were, I just liked the swivel ones more than other hangers. At the very beginning of my clean I decided that I would put the clothes I was keeping on black hangers, hoping that using the black hangers would help me really get rid of things I didn’t want. It worked 110% When I was unsure about a shirt I asked myself if it deserved a black hanger. If I couldn’t say it deserved that hanger it went on a clear one and was put with the consign pile.

  • Try everything on.

Seriously. Biggest tip out there, the most tedious one, and the best, most useful one. I got rid of so many clothes because they were too small. I had a few really nice shirts in my closet that I got rid of because they didn’t hang right. I knew that was the reason I always skipped over it when looking for a shirt, but “it was so nice, and expensive, and I liked ____ detail about it” I stopped letting myself use those excuses and if I couldn’t get it to look how I wanted I put it in the consign. It was funny because I started to say a shirt deserved a black hanger before I tried it on, and then I would and decide I didn’t want to keep the shirt. In my first 5 purges I skipped over a lot of clothes I knew in the back of my head didn’t fit.

For instance, remember when I cried that I didn’t own enough neutrals to start a capsule wardrobe?These sure look like neutrals to me. They were there but I always skipped over them because they didn’t fit right. They were to thin, small, clingy, etc. I donated them all and now I can get nice items that do fit, and make me look and feel good.

  • Use your Favorites to your Advantage

Something I did, that I didn’t really see online, related to the other items I wore while I tried things on. I wore my favorite bra. I love the fit of the bra, and I wear the same cut bra almost every single day. It was important I wore this bra to make sure that the shirts looked right with that bra under it. A couple shirts didn’t make it just because they looked weird over my bra.

I also wore my favorite pair of shorts. I had washed them recently and I had a little muffin top over them. I think this was good though. Because I got to see how my shirts looked if I had some pudge. Shirts that clung to much to that area were out. Shirts that floated over that area were kept. Plus they were a neutral blue jean short, so every single shirt looked good with it, although sometimes out of place. Wearing these favorite items, helped me make decisions because if a shirt didn’t look right with my favorite bra and shorts, would it look right with anything else I owned? I didn’t think so.

  • Keep the Capsule in Mind & Purge Ruthlessly

As the night wore on and I got tired, I told myself I could stop and finish tomorrow. At the same time I wouldn’t let myself. I was so close to finishing. This happened around when I started my tank tops. I had already gone through so many shirts. I was tired of trying things on. I was freaking out because I was running out of black hangers. But I powered through.

Tank tops are hard because I wear them year round. They go under shirts and jackets and add tiny bits of flare with patterns, lace and sequins. I love tank tops. After my first 5 purges I didn’t think I would get rid of any other tank tops. But I stuck to trying everything on. If you’ll notice in my pictures, I own a lot of brightly colored tanks. Those don’t get used a lot in fall and winter. We’re in spring, and summer is about to begin. What really helped was going through and asking myself, “would this make it into my summer capsule?” If the answer was no it almost always went into the consign pile.

Times I cheated:

Alright, yes. I cheated on my own guidelines a few times. I was running out of black hangers and desperate.

  • Business Casual

I used to work in a beach vacation rental agency and I had to wear nice clothes. I’ve also kept a few nice outfits with slacks or skirts in my closet at all times. This was important during school, because sometimes teachers would offer extra credit if you came to class in professional clothes. It also looks better when you dress up for a project. Presenting in slacks and a blouse looks a lot better than presenting in cutoffs and a t-shirt. As I went through my closet I found items I didn’t necessarily want in my closet, but that I did want for job interviews and for if I land a job in an office again. I put these on clear hangers and put them in my other closet.

  • Black T-Shirts

As I got through my shirts, I arrived at my black section, and I knew I was running low on black hangers. My solution was to put my black tees in a pile to fold instead of hanging them in my closet. A few tees made it onto a black hanger (specifically my Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Cheek to Cheek tour shirt, since I just got it, and haven’t worn it yet) But the rest (my Harry Potter and Rocky Horror Picture Show shirts) were put in a pile to fold in a drawer.

  • Tank tops

Yes. I cheated in the tank tops. In several ways. The first time I cheated here was when I decided that tank tops I didn’t necessarily like, but were needed for layering could be put on plastic, non-swivel hangers. I ultimately want to replace these with nicer tanks in the same colors that I could wear stand-alone or under other shirts. For now I’m keeping them, but I may decide later on to just toss them and replace them eventually.

The second time I cheated was not trying on a few. There are four tank tops I’m talking about specifically here, and they are my patterned ones I bought at walmart. These tanks are reversible so you can wear them as a scoop neck or a v-neck. I own four because of the patterns. Lips on black, rainbow peace signs on grey, leopard print on rainbow, and rainbow butterflies on white. I use these tanks a lot and I know they don’t fit the best. But I wear them under a lot of different shirts. I will probably also get rid of these. I’m just not there yet.

The last cheat came at the end. 3:30 am. Not a black hanger in sight. Not even anymore plastic, non-swivels. I put the last few shirts on regular clear swivel hangers and called it a night. It’s possible that as I clean my room I might find more hangers, or my mom might give me more. Or who knows, I’ll do another purge.

Where do I go from here?

I’m out of black hangers. But I have a whole basket of clean laundry to hang up. I also have a basket of dirty laundry that needs to be washed. In my head I’m thinking I want to keep everything in my dirty clothes because it means I’ve worn it recently. I’m still going to try everything on and keep myself ruthless, but I wish I’d gone through all my clothes at one time.

I feel really great. I’ve gotten rid of so much, and I’m just going to get rid of more from here on out. I’m really glad I did this now, and not after I moved. I got rid of almost 60 items from my closet last night. It feels great knowing I won’t be bringing all this extra with me! If any of you are working on cleaning your closet I wish you luck!