Becoming an Adult

The world doesn’t exactly expect someone to become an adult automatically at 18 or 21. However, when I was growing up, my friends and I definitely expected to be independent adults when we turned 21.

Moving to Tallahassee without a plan is one of the most independent things I’ve ever done, but I’ve also asked for help more than I ever have before.

I’ve never asked for money from my mother. I’ve taken money when she’s offered, but I’ve never gone to her and asked. That was something I had to do. First with my utilities since I’ve moved, and then again when I needed to pay rent. Not having a job is definitely wearing on me.

Because of this I gave up my “Third vacation.” As you probably have read, I was planning a big triple vacation for the month of May. I had everything planned out, except for the money part. And when my monetary expectations took a turn for the worst, my best friend stood in and said he’d help me out. After going to the Bahamas, and then Universal and the Disney waterparks, I owed him close to a thousand dollars. There was no way I could do Memorial Day Weekend. I couldn’t afford it. However, I still had to get my car, so my friends drove my car up, and I drove them back. I got the rest of our stuff from the old house, and spent time with my mom.

It was hard to go out to the beach, and say hi to everyone while my friends unpacked their things. But I know I did the right thing.

I’ve been filling out applications like crazy and doing follow up calls. It’s really important I find a job soon, because I owe my best friend over a thousand now, and I now owe my mom close to a thousand. I also have a credit card maxed out. I need to be able to pay utilities as they crop up.

It’s stressful to be an adult.




Triple Vacation Planning 

I’ve mentioned that I’m going on a “triple vacation” on a few of my past posts. We leave in two days and I could not be more excited.

I finally started packing today. I’ve got a few things that need to be washed but I’ve planned out what I’m wearing each day. First vacation is a cruise to the Bahamas. Second vacation is a 3 night stay in Orlando, we’re going to one of the Disney waterparks, and Universal Studios. My best friend and I are just packing one suitcase for both trips, so this is what I’ve come up with:
Plenty of tank tops and t-shirts. Since the cruise is only two nights I won’t end up needing a lot clothes wise. Most of the time I’ll probably be in a swim suit. I’ve brought a jacket just in case I need it on board. I’ve also packed my Hufflepuff shirt for Universal. We might end up going to a club while we’re in Orlando so I’ve also packed a nice black shirt. Not shown are two swimsuits and a beach cover-up.

After we get back from that, I’ve got less than a day before I’m off again, this time back to Pensacola, to spend Memorial Day weekend on the beach. Each year hundreds of thousands of LGBT+ community members flock to Pensacola Beach for Memorial Day weekend. Everyone camps out on the beach and the local clubs have tons of events. Last year was my first year camping out and I learned a lot about what to do this year. Like a footbath for the tent so that it doesn’t get covered in sand and air mattresses to keep us comfortable when we sleep. My friends are planning on getting a huge tent. I’m very excited to get out there and have a blast with all my queer friends.

Here’s what I’m packing for Memorial Gay Weekend:
Again, most of the time I’ll be in a bathing suit. I’m sure I won’t even wear half of these shirts. I’ve brought a few just in case we venture out but I’m pretty sure we’re staying on the beach all weekend. Then on Memorial day I have plans to see some of my family, and picked up a few forgotten items (Like all of my flip flops) from the old house. I’m definitely in for a crazy and fun filled two weeks!