Triple Vacation Planning 

I’ve mentioned that I’m going on a “triple vacation” on a few of my past posts. We leave in two days and I could not be more excited.

I finally started packing today. I’ve got a few things that need to be washed but I’ve planned out what I’m wearing each day. First vacation is a cruise to the Bahamas. Second vacation is a 3 night stay in Orlando, we’re going to one of the Disney waterparks, and Universal Studios. My best friend and I are just packing one suitcase for both trips, so this is what I’ve come up with:
Plenty of tank tops and t-shirts. Since the cruise is only two nights I won’t end up needing a lot clothes wise. Most of the time I’ll probably be in a swim suit. I’ve brought a jacket just in case I need it on board. I’ve also packed my Hufflepuff shirt for Universal. We might end up going to a club while we’re in Orlando so I’ve also packed a nice black shirt. Not shown are two swimsuits and a beach cover-up.

After we get back from that, I’ve got less than a day before I’m off again, this time back to Pensacola, to spend Memorial Day weekend on the beach. Each year hundreds of thousands of LGBT+ community members flock to Pensacola Beach for Memorial Day weekend. Everyone camps out on the beach and the local clubs have tons of events. Last year was my first year camping out and I learned a lot about what to do this year. Like a footbath for the tent so that it doesn’t get covered in sand and air mattresses to keep us comfortable when we sleep. My friends are planning on getting a huge tent. I’m very excited to get out there and have a blast with all my queer friends.

Here’s what I’m packing for Memorial Gay Weekend:
Again, most of the time I’ll be in a bathing suit. I’m sure I won’t even wear half of these shirts. I’ve brought a few just in case we venture out but I’m pretty sure we’re staying on the beach all weekend. Then on Memorial day I have plans to see some of my family, and picked up a few forgotten items (Like all of my flip flops) from the old house. I’m definitely in for a crazy and fun filled two weeks!




My Hair Journey 

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

I’m going to preface this by letting everyone know this post is picture heavy, and they are all selfies of me. If that’s not your thing, this post is not for you.

Last August I quit a professional job I had to focus on school work for my Senior year. I knew I was moving this summer and wouldn’t be able to work anyway. I had previously dyed the front of my hair blue, but it had faded, and by this point completely grown out. I took this picture the day I went to get my hair cut short again and also get highlights. longhighlightsThe plan originally was to dye these highlights blue or purple. I knew it was my senior year and that this was a good time to play around with color.

I enjoyed these highlights for a while. Then I decided I wanted to be Ursula for Halloween. Rather than try to color my hair white another way with a wig or something, I decided to bleach my whole head. 

Since my hair was so dark it was very yellow at first.   

From here I decided I wanted even shorter hair and so I had my friend cut it short enough to shave in the back.   

From here we bleached it again to achieve a very bright blonde that I fell in love with immediately. 

October hit and I finally got to be Ursula. I got a lot of compliments and I’ve dressed up as Ursula a total of four times in the last year.  

The next time my friend did my hair he toned it and accidentally turned it pink.   

I didn’t even last a week with my hair this color and immediately bleached it again. 

After this I didn’t get my hair done again for a while. At the end of January I got my Tragus pierced and decided I wanted a side cut to show it off. 

And again. I loved it. My friend warned me that it would take a long time for the hair to grow back. But that’s a problem for another time. I’ve had my sidecut almost four months and I still love it. The plan from the beginning was to dye my hair blue or purple. I loved being blonde so much I kept making excuses and pushing it back. One day I decided it was time, but I didn’t have the money to get my friend to do it. So I went out and bought Kool-ade. 

It was a mess, but it turned out really pretty. I used three packets of Grape. My hair went from a teal-y blue down to a lavender. I had mermaid hair and I couldn’t be happier.

  However as it faded, everyone thought I had dyed my hair grey. I did this right around when the “young people with grey hair” thing became popular and it just wasn’t what I wanted. It didn’t help that everyone commented on it. People were constantly asking me if it was purple or grey and bringing up the trend. It was time for real color. 

I was on top of the world. My hair was so vibrant it didn’t look real. Everything felt right in the world because my hair was awesome.

Unfortunately, only a week or so after dying it purple, it faded really badly. I had lavender hair with blondish splotches. I’ve decided that the best route for me right now is to have a natural color. My hair is pretty damaged since I’ve bleached it at least five times in the last year. I also think I want to grow my hair out again. So I’m going to let it get healthy again. I got my ends trimmed and I dyed it.  

 I’ve basically come full circle. I feel like this is darker than my natural color, but we’ll see how it does as it grows out. From here I might go to an ombre from brown to blonde. I miss having light colored hair already, but maintenance is too much for me to afford and it’s damaging for my hair.

Another reason for going back brunette is that when I get back from vacation I’ll be searching for a job, and I want to look hire-able. After I’m hired I can see what will be acceptable, but I’m thinking it’ll be easier to get a job with a natural color for now.

Who knows, in the morning I might hate it.



Miracle Cleaning Tool

Well I thought I was going to be on hiatus. I still basically am, don’t expect posts from me every day like I have been. Posts will be spread out if I’m able to make them.

We came back from Tallahassee a day early because we unpacked everything we brought and lack of AC in 80-90 degree weather was not fun. The kitchen looks amazing and I cleaned my bathroom and got everything in to place! I promise when the whole house looks put together I’ll posts some pictures.

Tomorrow will be hectic for sure. We have to load all the furniture and the rest of the boxes onto the moving truck, drop off and pick up more furniture that we bought, and finally pack more furniture into the truck from another house. In the lease it says we have to deep clean the house before we move out. When all of that is done my best friend and I are driving straight back to Tallahassee. We want to sleep at the house so we won’t be so exhausted Monday when his parents drive up with the moving truck and we unpack everything. I’m not looking forward to having to move things upstairs in that heat.

For now though we are back in Pensacola in the AC and we finished packed up the little stuff that was leftover and now tomorrow we just have to clean and pack the truck. It’s so weird to see the house so bare. For instance my desk:

It’s just so crazy because everything is gone. I wish my desk was this clean all the time to be honest.

So you might be wondering: Why is there a pack of Huggies wipes on her desk?

I’ll tell you why. Huggies are my new favorite cleaning tool. I can’t believe we use these to wipe babies butts. I originally bought a small pack for my own butt honestly, then I saw they weren’t flushable. I used them the other day to wipe down the counters and stove and was happily surprised to find they quickly tackled sticky spots on the counter and wiped up the gross stuff on the stove. Since then I’ve used them on everything.

When we got into the new house I cleaned up the kitchen. I used these wipes to wipe out all the cabinets and drawers. I wiped down the stove and counter tops. I wiped those weird sticky lines that appear on doors over time on the pantry door. I wiped down all of our appliances. These babies even take paint off of light switch covers. I’m amazed at all these can do. When we ran out of the first pack we went out and bought another. We got the above box for $2.00. That’s it! Two dollars and I’ve got plenty of the best cleaning tool I’ve ever encountered. It even got rid of pink and black mold that was hanging out on our fridge. It cleans up everything so nice, and I’ve hardly had to scrub at all. Then when I have been dealing with a particularly bad spot I just have to scrub a little harder and then the wipe foams up a little. This tiny foam really helps get everything clean. I also used these when cleaning our bathrooms. They got old make up that was caked in the drawers in my bathroom up. They got rid of spots on the cabinet doors. They cleaned up the little black spots around the hinges. They just work so nice!

I can’t believe these are used for babies bottoms. Like part of me is how are these safe for babies?

Are there any products not necessarily used for cleaning that you like? Let me know!



A very understandable hiatus. 

We did the first trip to Tallahassee yesterday! We’ve unloaded two very packed cars:


Made three trips to Walmart and suffered through some awful heat in the house since our AC needs coolant. 

It’s so exciting! We got the kitchen cleaned and set up and it’s gorgeous. Today we’re cleaning up the bathrooms and trying to unpack as many of the boxes we brought as is possible. 

We officially move in on Monday! When the house is mostly put together I’ll do a picture tour! 

But with all the craziness of moving I probably won’t be on for a while. Especially since 3 days after moving I’m going on a triple vacation. Expect more posts around June. 

Till then, 



Can’t wait 

I can’t believe how busy my life is right now. Even after I graduated. My best friend and I have been working hard to accomplish our bucket list. I still haven’t come close to being finished packing, and there seem to be parties left and right between welcoming parties, goodbye parties, graduation parties, and end of school parties. I’ve also been working hard at this blog. I want to write posts all day long and post them five times a day.

Just as an example, here’s my schedule for the next week.

Tuesday: Tour Historic Pensacola, pack rest of bookshelves, “Cinco de Drinko” party.

Wednesday: Fold clean clothes, pack more, Goodbye/Graduation Party, First day of dog sitting.

Thursday: Swim at best friend’s parent’s house, pack bag for vacation.

Friday: Go to new house to measure and pre-clean and bring packed boxes.

Saturday: Continue pre-cleaning. Come back to Pensacola.

Sunday: Get rental truck and pack the rest of the house up and deep clean house. Go back to Tallahassee.

Monday: Move into new house. Unpack truck. Start to unpack boxes.

Honestly my room is a mess. I want to wash all my bedclothes before we move, and it would be great to get a head start on cleaning. I still have a lot of stuff to pack. Mainly breakables and clothes. I have packages to send out and I have to make sure everyone who’s left stuff at our house either gets it back or let’s us throw it out. We haven’t packed the kitchen up at all. It’s stressful and I don’t know where to start. After we move in it’s just going to be a whirlwind too because we have to try to get everything moved in, and then we’re off to a cruise, and then we’re staying in Orlando for a few days. I’ll get to be back home for one night before I leave again to camp out on the beach for a long weekend. Then the real worry starts because I don’t have a job.

On top of all this I’ve got capsule wardrobes on the brain. I’ve pretty much finalized my capsule for Summer, which I’m starting June 1st. I think I’ve done a good job of putting it together because every time I look at my closet I want to grab one of the pieces going in my capsule. Cleaning out my closets have done wonders for me. But I’m afraid of wearing something from my capsule because I think I’ll get bored of wearing it for three months so I don’t want to wear something that will be a part of it.

This morning was a similar dilemma. I looked in my closet and was dying to wear one of my t-shirts that’s going in the capsule. Instead I ended up wearing this:

Which is a great outfit in it’s own right, but I feel like this shirt might not make it back into my closet.

There’s also importance to this outfit for me. This is one of my “uniforms.” For the past few summers I worked with my mom in a mostly professional office and I was expected to dress nice. I didn’t have many clothes that were “nice” enough, and my mom tried to help me out, but it mostly ended with me having a closet full of “nice” clothes I never wanted to wear. I also created a lot of wardrobe decisions off her style. Her style is a nice, patterned shirt or tank, covered by a brightly colored, microfiber, lightweight jacket. Usually paired with capris and a million accessories that match colors in the shirt. This was an easy look to work with, since I own many colorful and nice tank tops. I borrowed brightly colored jackets from my mom, and then as we went shopping she bought me my own. My mom owns these jackets in every color of the rainbow, and a few patterned ones as well. Before I knew it I owned one in most colors of the rainbow, and duplicates of a few colors. When I cleaned my second closet, that was filled with these jackets, I was surprised at how many I got rid of. This “uniform” has definitely made it into my summer capsule. I’m excited for the few I picked, since I did choose a few that could be mixed and matched.

All in all, I get more excited every day for my summer capsule, and I can’t wait for the day I don’t second guess my outfit choices.



Bucket List

A bucket list is typically a list of things one wants to do before they “kick the bucket” and die. I like the idea of a bucket list but not for dying. I’ve had conversations before about, well what if you kick the bucket before you get to accomplish your list? What if you finish your list way before you die, are you then ready to die? Do you not have anything left to live for? I guess that’s a little harsh. I probably don’t like bucket lists because of how extreme they are. People fill their lists with skydiving, bungee jumping, scaling a mountain, etc. Other’s fill it with places they want to go. Paris, Las Vegas, LA, etc.

I prefer short term bucket lists. For instance, I’ve created a little “bucket list” for before we move.

The Pensacola Bucket List

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Eat at Al Fresco food trucks
  • take the dogs to Gallery Night
  • take the dogs to the Dog Beach
  • Tour Historic Downtown Pensacola
  • Pelican statue photo scavenger hunt

We talked about taking some things off the list. For instance the pelican scavenger hunt and the historic tour. I thought it would be too hard or too expensive. A little research has shown that the historic tour is only $6.00. I can’t believe it. It makes me wonder why I hadn’t done it before. I also found out that there are 41 pelican statues. We should be able to find most of them. I want to try at least.

We’ve done a few of these things already. We went to the zoo yesterday, and we ate at Al Fresco a month ago or so. We’ve also taken the dogs to Gallery night. We’ve got just a few more and I could not be more excited.

Here’s a few pictures from what we’ve done so far:

I loved this sassy llama. I took this picture right before he tried to eat my shirt, and then my friend’s hair.       
Eating from the food trucks was something I’d never done before and it was a cool experience.   
After we ate we walked down to the water.   
I don’t have any pictures of the dogs from gallery night, but here’s the only picture I have of me and my friends that night. We ended up having to hold the dogs for most of the evening, so there wasn’t much time to take pictures.

More pictures to come as we complete more of the bucket list. Have any of you created a short term bucket list?



I’m a finisher. 

I graduated! Woo! I still can’t believe that I have a degree. That I finished four years of schooling, in just four years. This day has been on the horizon for so long, but I never really felt like I was going to reach it. It was like in those dreams you have where you’re walking down a hallway and it just stretches out longer and longer ahead of you and you feel like you’ll never reach it. College was like that for me, but I did it!

The few days leading up to graduation were stressful and busy. My best friend’s Graduation party was on Thursday night, and then I had work on Friday. We had originally planned to have a graduation/going away party Friday night, but we got last second tickets to see Boston and Kansas preform that night and I’ve postponed the party.  

After the concert we picked up craft supplies, because my best friend and I wanted to decorate our caps. I never knew how many DIY things I would have to do for graduation. My high school graduation didn’t allow us to decorate our caps, and since I didn’t decide to graduate until a week before, I had to get a lot of stuff done in a short amount of time.

On our way to the concert we used pintrest to find ideas for our grad caps. I knew I wanted something Disney related, but didn’t like any of the ones I saw. I finally found a quote from my favorite Disney movie that I could use. 

Making the boarder was the most difficult part. I counted out how many of each letter we would need before we got to the store so we would have enough letters. We only ended up needing two packs of lettering for both caps, but we bought four just in case. Since we were doing this the night before graduation we didn’t want to run out of anything we needed. We also bought an extra bag of gems because at the time I was going to line the entire boarder and didn’t know how many I would need. Ended up using less than one bag. I knew I wanted something more than just the quote to fill some of the space. I ended up buying a cheap graduation card and cutting this cool diploma out of it. I think it all turned out really great. It was a fun project to do and a great momento for the future.

My best friend was originally going to do a completely different cap. We were going to print out a map of Florida and draw a line from our city to Tallahassee, since he’s going to FSU for grad school and write “Next Stop Grad School” on it. Tired and sleep deprived walking around Walmart at 1:30 am we saw the googly eyes and he said he wanted to use it. I immediately said “Look who’s graduating” but it seemed silly since we’d be in a room with 2,000 other students who were graduating. So then I said “I’ve got my eye on the prize” and he countered with “I’ve got my ION the prize” since he’s a chemistry major. His was fairly easy to make since it’s mostly wiggly eyes. We bought poster board letters for the ION part, and covered it in silver glitter duck tape. He had a blast making it and it got tons of attention at graduation. They even showed it on the main screen while all the graduates were walking in.

The title of my post comes from a part of the speech the president of the university made at the beginning of commencement. She said that we were all finishers because we had followed through getting our degree all the way to the end. She said this was something we could take with us our whole lives and it showed that we could be counted on to get something done. I feel like it’s another one of those quotes I’ll hold close when I feel hopeless. I’m a finisher.